Last week, we had WEHM on the air in our home and on came the piano and then the words:

Now I’m calling all citizens from all over the world
This is captain america calling
I bailed you out when you were down on your knees
So will you catch me now Im falling

What a great song (Catch Me Now I’m Falling) and what a great record – Low Budget, another of the crop of 1979, the year I graduated high school. It was a tremendous year in rock music and Low Budget was certainly one of the highlights. It’s not on my top 50, but it’s on Jackson’s top 50.

This is a tremendous record from start to finish and includes three of my favorite Kinks songs, Catch Me Now I’m Falling, Superman, and A Little Bit of Emotion. Ray Davies writes great songs and he was in fine form on this record.

If you’ve got Rhapsody, do yourself a favor and tune into Low Budget. 

Low Budget

You won’t regret it.

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