Three or four months ago I was listening to radio paradise and a song came on that I instantly liked.

It is called Going Home and it is by Sophie Zelmani off her 2002 record called Sing and Dance

I immediately looked for the song on Rhapsody but it wasn’t there. So I went to the Internet, found it you know where, and sent it to the Gotham Gal.  She listened later that day, she loved it too and bought the CD on Amazon.

We must have listened to Song and Dance fifty times this spring in our home. It’s a great early morning/breakfast record. I’d call it folk pop, but it’s more than that. It’s wonderful music that is truly infectious once you listen a couple times.

I am listening to it now on my iPod waiting at the train station typing this post out on my blackberry and its every bit as wonderful as the first time I heard it.

I have no idea why this record wasn’t big when it came out in 2002. Maybe it was, but I never heard of it. Maybe it’s becuase Sophie is from Sweden. But for me, the nordic countries are home to some of the best music these days. So that’s a plus as far as I am concerned.

In any case, its my Nuggets pick for this week and I suggest you give it a listen. It’s too bad it’s not on rhapsody. You’ll just have to trust me and buy it at amazon.

#My Music