Positively 10th Street

Positively_10th_street_logo_10 We did a podcast today on my new MacBook Pro. As a result we went with new audio software – GarageBand instead of Adobe Audition. It was a frustrating experience as I was not able to get the recorded audio to work right and you’ll hear that the sound quality on the talk portion of this podcast isn’t great and is certainly not up to our standards. I think I need a tutorial on GarageBand. Maybe I’ll attend one of those sessions at the Apple Store in Soho.

Anyway, it’s too bad because the music on this podcast is terrific and is all stuff we’ve just heard in the past couple weeks.

Here is the song list:

  • Penny On The Train Track – Ben Kweller – from his new record coming out this fall
  • Annie, Let’s Not Wait – Guillemots
  • Smile Like You Mean It – David Gray – cover of the Killer’s song
  • Punks In The Beerlight – Silver Jews
  • Wolf Like You – TV On The Radio

Listen Live Here

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