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Jim posted this comment in reponse to my eMusic post yesterday.  This is exactly why I hate iTunes and DRM:

let me tell you why i’ve stopped using iTunes. for father’s day i
got this neat little wireless device called a Squeezebox. you’ve
probably heard of it. it lets me play my digitial library through my
home stereo. finally, my digital music was liberated from my iPod and
PowerBook! i love my Squeezebox. it’s changed my life. but guess what?
it cannot play iTunes DRM files. i’m not file-sharing, i’m not copying,
i’m not burning — i am just trying to play the music i paid for
through my own stereo. but apple and the stupid major labels won’t
allow that. so, to hell with iTunes. eMusic all the way for me now.
(i’ve stopped buying CDs too; if it’s not on eMusic, i can live without

Posted by: jim | Aug 1, 2006 8:15:27 AM

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