Comment of the Day

Hey wrote this in the comments section of my Lamont Lessons post:

and conservatives will show Americans exactly what the Democratic party stands for and who it stands with. They stand with Hezbollah, Hamas, and Amahdinejad, and against Israel

This is an outrageous statement and I am outraged and insulted and pissed off. I am a Democrat. I don’t "stand with Hezbollah, Hamas, and Amahdinejad". I support Israel’s right to exist and defend itself as stronly as anyone else I know.

What I don’t stand with is destabilizing a region of the world where we are fighting a war we can’t and won’t win.

Hey is right about one thing, "It’s the 70s all over again".  We are fighting and losing a war we can’t and won’t win in a part of the world we don’t belong and strengthening our enemies and weakening our friends. And it’s costing this country way too much blood, money, and stature in the world in the process.

History repeats itself and we don’t learn from it. It’s maddening.