Comment of the Day

There are some people who don’t comment on my blog often, but when they do, it’s always spot on. Druce is one of those people and when he commented on the subject of the “war on islamofacism”, I just nodded my head. So here is the most sensible thing I’ve heard on the topic in a long time:

how can anybody even think a problem like ‘Islamo-fascism’ can be ‘solved’?

That’s like winning a ‘war on racism’, or ‘war on poverty’, ‘war on
drugs’, or ‘war on pornography’. Why not a ‘war on violence’ or a ‘war
on war?’

Human imperfections can’t be solved, but some people are capable of
managing them rationally, while others self-destruct and bring everyone
else down with them. Think of something like the UN as an AA meeting
for the world.

Thinking there is a ‘final solution’ to complex problems that have
been part of humanity since the dawn of time is what creates these
catastrophes in the first place.

Posted by: druce | Aug 10, 2006 10:00:28 AM