Comment of the Day

I’ve gotten a great reaction to my Business Development 2.0 post this morning. It’s something we’ve been talking about in our office for the past six months as Charlie points out on his blog but for some reason I never blogged it. I was emailing wtih Caterina and she laid out the exact same thesis and I wrote back, "I’ve got to blog this". She did it and now we’ve got this great conversation happening. You have to love blogs when they work.

But the best part is the comments are coming in fast and furious and they are really good. But this one from Cameron adds an important insight to the conversation:

Fred, your comments are right on in terms of 2.0 as a tool for BD,
but you stopped short of saying what that means to the role of BD.
Nothing has changed. The BD guy has always been the guy who sees how
two companies can play together. Today’s smart (good) BD guy simply
works more with his in-house API guru and less with his Rolodex. Love
your blog…

Posted by: Cameron | Aug 17, 2006 12:57:44 PM

One more thing on this business development 2.0 meme. Charlie has created a bizdev2.0 tag on delicious. If you are interested in keeping the conversation going, please add anything else you find on this topic to the tag.

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