Giving The Music Legs

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I read this interview with Beck today and just had to post about it. Beck is trying to figure out the best way to "give the music legs" in the digital age.

I’ve posted alot about digital music over the years and there are plenty of readers who feel that the digital era has devalued music, made it harder for artists to get paid, etc, etc. And certainly that has been true, but I think that’s largely because artists and their managers and labels have not yet figured out how to take advantage of the digital medium.

Beck is trying lots of interesting things including releasing a video version of the record on YouTube (read the interview for more details of that).

Beck says:

There are so many dimensions to what a record can be these days. Artists can and should approach making an album as an opportunity to do a series of releases – one that’s visual, one that has alternate versions, and one that’s something the listener can participate in or arrange and change. It’s time for the album to embrace the technology.

Of course all this doesn’t matter a damn if the music insn’t any good. Hopefully Beck’s new record will be great and all the cool things he’s doing to embrace the digital medium will make it even better.

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