Knicks Tickets

A friend of mine has had seasons tickets to the Knicks for a while. They are great seats, four of them, section 76, row L.  Here’s a link to see the view from the seats.

He used to split them with another person but that friend lost his enthusiasm for the Knicks. Last year I split them with my friend. But after last season, we’ve both lost enthusiasm for the Knicks.

So the renewal letters were mailed out last week. And we have until August 21st to decide whether to reup for what is surely another losing season under a terrible owner and a terrible coach/GM.

But as my friend reminds me, these tickets are real estate. If you don’t pay the rent, you’ll lose the seats and most likely won’t be able to get them back when and if the Knicks are ever good again.

So here is the deal we are looking to make. We want to find a partner for 10 games. We’ll split the tickets right up the calendar so nobody can cherry pick. And if you take 10 games from us this year, you can have 10 games every year, plus your share of playoff games when and if they every come again, for as long as my friend keeps his tickets.

Let me know if you are interested and I’ll share the financial details with you. You can leave a comment or send me an email.