MacBook Pro Update

  MacBook Pro 
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I’ve finally got my MacBook Pro fully operational. It took me a long time to move everything from my Thinkpad to the MacBook, but now for the first time since 1987, I am back on a Mac fulltime. It feels great.

Here are some questions/observations for the Mac crowd out there:

1 – I need a good simple audio app to re-encode my mp3s down to 96kps for posting. I don’t need a lot of bells and whistles. I loved dbpoweramp on the PC. Any ideas?

2 – The mac app rocks. I am in love with again.

3 – NetNewsWire seems great. It might make me use a feed reader for real.

It’s been a long road moving 20 years of PC files, apps, and behavior but I am sure glad I finally did it.

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