B00000jc7l01_aa130_scmzzzzzzz_v105664911Every once in a while I reach into my vinyl collection and pull out a real Nugget.

I did it today with this record, called Pussy Cats, recorded by Harry Nilsson and John Lennon during their drugging and drinking binge in LA in the mid 70s, after Yoko threw John out of the apartment.

We all know the story, John came back with his tail between his legs, they had Sean, he played Dad for five years, made the Double Fantasy comeback record, and was tragically killed in 1979. What a loss.

But this record captures a rocking all night party with mostly (maybe all) covers. I am on sort of a cover binge this week, so it’s a particularly fitting Nuggets pick.

The record starts with a great cover of Jimmy Cliff’s Many Rivers To Cross, includes the Dylan song Subterranean Homesick Blues, and Johnny Thunder’s Loop to Loop. But the standout song is Harry Nilsson’s rendition of Save The Last Dance For Me. That’s worth the record all by itself.

I think I am going to flip the record over and play it twice!

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