I heard Steely Dan on WEHM yesterday morning and decided to make it a Steely Dan all vinyl afternoon. I started with Gaucho, then put on Aja, then Pretzel Logic, then Katy Lied (a top 50 pick), then Royal Scam, and I finished with Countdown to Ecstasy. We don’t own Can’t Buy A Thrill. It was a great afternoon.

I still agree with the Katy Lied top 50 pick, but Pretzel Logic is a damn good record too. The guitar solo on Night By Night woke me up from my Steely Dan dream and I started paying attention to this record for the first time in a while. Not sure who plays that solo, probably Skunk Baxter, but it sure does rock.

But it’s the middle of this record (or the end of the A side and the start of the B side) that I really love. Barrytown is classic Steely Dan, and Parkers Band and Pretzel Logic are fantastic.

Pretzel Logic is the highlight of the record for me. I love the way the song starts, the groove, the beat, the way the guitar comes in and out, and the totally cool lyrics.

So if you are a Steely Dan fan, dust off that old vinyl record and put on Pretzel Logic. You’ll be glad you did.

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