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One of my more frequent commenters is Altay.  He’s an entrepreneur who was funded by Ycombinator and has been working on a startup for a while. He’s left a number of great comments and I’ve exchanged a bunch of emails with him.

When I was up at the Ycombinator event earlier this month, Altay greeted me with a CD. It turns out in addition to being an entrepreneur, he’s in a band called The Great Unknowns.

Well my goal is to make sure they aren’t The Great Unknowns for much longer, because that CD has gotten quite a bit of airtime in our house in the past week. If you like Lucinda Williams, I guarantee that you’ll like this group.

But there’s a story here.  They recorded this album in the basement of a dorm at Harvard just before Becky (the singer) moved to Georgia.  Sort of a last-hurrah thing as a band.  Then, a week after they finished the album, Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls heard it, and called to sign them to her label, Daemon Records.  Thanks to Amy and Daemon, they got all these great old-media reviews and radio play and they got to tour with the Indigo Girls. But their record came out before music blogs were the place to be.  So we are going to change that, hopefully.

Here is my favorite song on the record, called Don’t Come Home. It’s terrific.

Don’t Come Home – The Great Unknowns

If you like this as much as I do, please sign up for their mailing list as they are going to be touring in the fall.

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