Sumo Bean Bag Chair

I got this email from Andrew from Sumo, which makes soft furniture and sells it on the Internet:

My name is Andrew and I have a company named Sumo which sells a modern/funky/high-quality line of bean bags & soft furniture on the net. Our products are great and not to let passion or pride take hold but I could simply say, our Omni chair is the most comfortable chair in the world and truly enhances ones life! I like am a fan of your site & was wondering if you would be interested in taking a sample of our Omni chair and posting a review on it.

Normally I ignore such emails, but I have always been a fan of the bean bag chair. I think I lived in one in college. So I went to the website and checked it out.

It looked pretty cool so we took Andrew up on his offer. It came to our beach house last week and when I got out here this morning, I checked it out.

I must say it’s a fantastic bean bag chair. First, its huge. It can also serve as a bed in a pinch. It should work great for the afternoon nap I have in mind for today. And the fabric is like a parachute and seemingly very durable material. Gotta avoid the leaking bean bag chair thing you know.

If you are headed to college or have a child who is, I suggest you spring for the $150 and buy one of these. It should last four years and I think no college kid should be without one.

We are going to keep it and I think it will get a lot of use in our beach house. Possibly as soon as this afternoon!

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