The Lamont Lesson

I wrote this yesterday morning and decided to wait for the outcome to post it. So here is my take on Lamont/Lieberman:

Today is the day we find out if Ned Lamont and Daily Kos can bring down a powerful Senator, the Democratic nominee for VP in 2000, Joe Lieberman.

I think its going to happen but not for the reason that most people think its happening.

Sure to some extent the Lamont candidacy is a protest candidacy over the war in Iraq.

Marty Peretz, a well known and lifelong Democrat, wrote an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal yesterday claiming that Lamont was a peace candidate and likened him to George McGovern.

But I really don’t think the Connecticut Democrats are going to throw Joe Lieberman out over his unflinching support of the war. They are going to throw him out for his unflinching support of George Bush.

The fact is the Joe Lieberman got too close to a President who is disliked by close to 80% of the Democrat party. That’s not "courage" as Marty puts it. That’s political suicide and Joe Lieberman just committed it.