The Little Owl

The Gotham Gal has blogged a number of times about The Little Owl, our new favorite restaurant in NYC.

Last week Frank Bruni wrote a great review of The Little Owl in the New York Times, giving it two stars.

So when my friend Jimmy suggested we go there for dinner last night I was worried we wouldn’t be able to get in.

To my pleasant surprise, Gabriel, one of the two owners, made it work and we sat down for dinner at 7pm.

Other than being a little warm (like all of NYC this week), our dinner was specactular.

I think this was my fourth or fifth visit and I finally got around to their famous pork chop, which is certainly one of the finest pork chops I’ve ever had. But even better was the pasta special (tagliatelle with chanterelles and truffles), which was the best pasta I’ve had outside of a Mario Batali restaurant.

And we had a California Pinot Noir called Campion which was amazing.

If you live in NYC and love good food, you gotta check this place out.