What Am I Going To Do For Six Hours?

I read Michael Parekh and Jeff Jarvis on the subject of flying cross country or, worse internationally, without laptops, blackberries, and iPods this morning.

This is huge deal for me. I carry multiple batteries so I can use my laptop for the entire flight. I use my blackberry and iPod too. There are four things I wont fly without; laptop, iPod, Blackberry phone, and a bottle of water. Now all of them are at risk of being forbidden.

Jackson has some advice for me in his comments to my post yesterday on this subject.

I say we all travel naked.  A sort of ‘get to know your neighbor’ program.

As long as food and beverage is provided, and reasonable, on the plane, then I see no reason for grumbling.

Far too many people exceed a reasonable amount of carry-on anyway.

I’d love to see no carry-on luggage.

You are allowed a book.

A book doesn’t cut it for me. I need to create as well as consume. I like his first suggestion better.

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