Being A Conversational Blogger

  Three Ladies in Conversation 
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Kent Newsome said in a post on his blog recently that I wasn’t a particulary “conversational blogger.” I think what he means is that I don’t participate very much in the comments. That’s true.

As I’ve said in the past, it’s largely because of the way I blog. I post in the early morning most of the time. Then I go to work and spend my day in meetings. Then I come home, have dinner with the kids, hang out with the family, do the dishes, and I’ll get to my email in the evening. By then, the conversation has happened and I missed it.

But not really. Because as many people who comment on this blog can attest, I respond to many of the comments with a private email from my blackberry.

I’d love to copy Typepad on these emails so they can be posted as comments from me on my blog and be available to everyone. I’ve asked them to offer that feature. But I don’t think it’s a priority because not many people apparently need it. I get that.

So I’ll keep doing it this way. Because I appreciate every comment I get and would like to have a conversation as much as is possible. So keep the comments coming.

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