Ben Kweller Is Bloody Good

  Bloodied Ben 
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We saw a crazy thing today at Austin City Limits. The Gotham Gal and I went to see Ben Kweller play.  We love Ben and his new record, Ben Kweller, is awesome.

He came on late and told everyone he was sorry but he’d had a double nosebleed. But he said it had been fixed and he was going to play.

Well it hadn’t been fixed and by the third song, his guitar had blood all over it (as you can see this photo). It was kind of gross but also pretty incredible that he could play with that going on.

Then asked the crowd if anyone had a tampon and a bunch were thrown up on the stage. He stuck in his nose and played "This Is War" from the new record.

That didn’t do much to help as the tampon swelled up and fell out.

So he went to the piano and played an excellent rendition of "Falling" and then called it quits.

It was a bummer, he only got to play five songs, but it was also one of the more gutsy things I’ve seen in all my days of watching live music.


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