Ben Kweller's New Record Released Today

If you’ve read this blog in the past four days, you’ll know that Ben Kweller is a big favorite in our house. Meeting him in front of the hotel on Saturday night just confirmed for me what a great guy he is (this is a photo of Ben with the Gotham Gal and our friend Chana).

According to, he is fifth on my all-time listened to artists on iTunes since I started using roughly a year ago. Clearly I play the Sha Sha and On My Way records a lot.

Ben’s latest record, called Ben Kweller, was released today and is now available at Amazon. We’ve had the record pre-release for a month or so and it has easily been the most played record in our home during that time.

Ben Kweller writes pop songs that are based in rock n’ roll (his band Radish – signed to a record contract when he was 14 – was compared to Nirvana). His songs make you sing along. Our whole family breaks out into song when the chorus comes on most Ben Kweller songs.

And the new record delivers a bunch of new sing along pop songs. My favorites are I Gotta Move, and the Lou Reed inspired I Don’t Know Why (which Ben sang acapella for us in front of the hotel on saturday night).

Do yourself a favor and get this record. It’s certainly one of my top ten for 2006.

UPDATE: It’s available on eMusic. Way to go Ben!

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