Camera and Full Keyboard Please

Engadget has photos of the new Blackberry 8800 (got there via Jason Calacanis).

I like my 8700 and don’t really see anything in this phone to get me to upgrade.

I was tempted by the Pearl but The Gotham Gal and I tried that keyboard out with the 7100 and hated it.

What I want from Blackberry is a phone in the 8700/8800 form factor with a camera.

I’ve heard the reason that Blackberry won’t put a camera on these full keyboard phones is that the enterprise customers don’t want cameras on these phones.

Well I’ve got news for those enterprise customers – cameras are an excellent business tool. We shoot pictures of whiteboards in our office. We use pictures from our cameraphones on our blogs. We take screenshots with them, etc, etc.

So hopefully Blackberry will make a phone for the businessperson who values a camera, because I certainly want one.

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