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JontheWayne left this comment to my TourBus post:

Om reports that MySpace is opening an indie
record store online which will sell DRM-free music from over 3 million
indie bands. The cool thing is each band gets their own “store”, and a
small version of the store can be pasted into any MySpace page (viral).

I predict that it won’t be long before the big labels take off their
DRM condoms and start selling on the MySpace music store too. You
simply can’t ignore over 100 million people. Hurray for music lovers!

Posted by: JontheWayne

While the idea of a drm free music store for indie bands is not new (eMusic anyone?), the viral nature of MySpace music, and the size of the audience truly can’t be ignored. I’d be willing to bet that MySpace Music is going to be more popular with the teen crowd than Spiral Frog.

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