FeedBurner Rocks

  Gather ‘Round! 
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I’ve felt this way about FeedBurner long before we invested in the Company, and like delicious, I’ll feel that way about FeedBurner long after it’s gone from our portfolio (hopefully not any time soon). So please don’t take this as "fred is flogging his deals again".

This post is about FeedBurner doing something great for me, once again.

Yesterday, I put FeedBurner’s "smartcast" on all my feeds and now the flash videos I post are available in Bloglines, MyYahoo, and several other popular web-based feedreaders.

This is a huge deal for me. Well done FeedBurner (that’s the crew in their office in Chicago).

While I am on the subject of FeedBurner, don’t miss my post on how I see feed powered ads playing out and what I think FeedBurner’s role will be in that ecosystem.

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