Jumping The Shark

Alex says that that I jumped the shark this morning with my VC Cliche of the Week post and that "the uniqueness and freshness has worn off".

I think his criticism of my cliche of the week post this morning is well deserved. It was a lackluster job on a topic that deserved better. But it really wasn’t a desperate stunt to encourage readers to come back (shark jumping). It was just a rushed job in the early morning so I could get it out and go on a bike ride with a friend and then get to work.

The latter comment that the uniqueness and freshness has worn off stings a bit more and I hope it’s not universally shared.

When blogging moves from a hobby to something more it’s a challenge. The "something more" is the networking platform that this blog provides for me and my and relationships. It’s a place where ideas, people, and technologies come together. And it’s value is largely dependent on a constant stream of posts, hopefully much better than the one this morning.

I don’t sweat losing a reader. That happens mutliple times a day. But I do sweat the challenge of making AVC as unique and fresh as it has always been. So please don’t be shy. I appreciate Alex’ candor and hope everyone is willing to share their thoughts as publicly as he did.

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