The web is like planet earth. It’s an amazing resource that we need to value, respect, protect, and celebrate. And in that spirit, an organization called OneWebDay has selected September 22nd as a day to celebrate the web. It’s like earth day in that there will be celebrations of the web taking place all over the world.

Here in NYC, an event will be held from noon to 2pm in the south end of Union Square Park. There will be a large display (hopefully – please read on and we’ll get to that) showcasing the various OneWebDay celebrations going on around the world. And there will be comments from web luminaries like Craig Newmark and others.

I am telling you all this for two reasons:

1 – everyone who participates in the web ecosystem here in NYC should show up in Union Square Park at noon on the 22nd and help celebrate OneWebDay.


2 – they need help paying rent for the stage, the display, the wifi network, and projection systems. instead of making it commercial by getting a big sponsor, they are taking contributions right on their web site via PayPal. we just sent in a donation and I hope you all will too.

This is a big idea, a movement really, and I hope everyone gets behind it.

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