Please Don't Take Offense

  Demoting Email 
  Originally uploaded by Ross Mayfield.

This post goes out to all the people who have sent me email in the past month and have not gotten a reply.

Please don’t take offense.

I am starting to rely on other mediums for communicating (following my kid’s lead) and while it allows me to be more productive, it also leaves less time for email.

I’ll say what I’ve said before on this blog. If you don’t get a reply and you really want one, send the email again.

If you don’t get a reply the second time, send it again. If you don’t get a reply after the third time, it probably means you aren’t going to get one.

I’ve got over 2000 emails in my inbox right now, most of them skimmed but not read, some unread, and some waiting for a reply. It’s not going to get better. Ever.

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