Positively 10th Street RIP

Positively_10th_street_logo_14May 14 2005 – August 12 2006

It was a good run. But it ended in apathy and rebellion (from the kids).

We had a lot of fun doing it and I hope those of you who checked in now and then enjoyed listening.

Here’s where I come out on podcasting:

It’s a fun thing to do for a while. But it’s really hard to sustain. It requires setting things up, getting a show together, and then editing the audio, making sure the sound is right, and then uploading the file to a hosting service, and then publicizing it.

In the end it was too much work.

And as a listener, I’d much rather read than listen to people talk. Music works for me, but I’d rather have the individual files than one long mp3 that I can’t do much with.

Podcasting is cool, but my feeling is that there are better ways to connect with an audience on the web. Blogs, videoblogs, feeds, and mashups are all way more compelling to me than podcasts.

But don’t delete the Positively 10th Street feed. I’ve turned my blog into a podcast. I post music to this blog all the time now. And you can subscribe to the music I post on my blog with the Positively 10th Street feed, courtesy of Streampad (there’s now an RSS icon on the Streampad player on this blog which also links to my blog music feed).

If you have the Positively 10th Street feed in iTunes or some other service, you’ll be getting a stream of music from me instead of the occasional podcast. That will be my new way of podcasting.

I’m sorry about the lack of talk, but you can always read The Gotham Gal’s blog and this blog to keep up with us.

We’ve figured out how to sustain our blogs. We couldn’t figure out how to sustain the podcast. May it rest in peace.

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