Sam's Town

The Killers’ Hot Fuss was the record of choice in our house in early 2005. We listened to it all the time and I posted on it several times. We saw them live at Summerstage last summer and it was one of the concert highlights of 2005 for our family.

The Killers are back with Sam’s Town which was released in the UK this week and will be released on Oct 3rd in the US. You can pre-order on Amazon now. We got the record yesterday and have listened a few times.

The single, When You Were Young, has been all over the radio and the internet for months. I blogged it in mid July. The word is that the new record is Hot Fuss meets Born To Run and certainly When You Were Young sounds like it. And there are many other parts of the record that sound that way too.

That said, I don’t think Sam’s Town is quite as strong as Hot Fuss. It’s lacking the singles that Hot Fuss had on it. But I like it better in some ways. It’s more interesting.

The middle of the record features two back to back songs that I really like.

Uncle Johnny – The Killers

Bones – The Killers

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