Some Changes

When I started this blog, I looked for regular things to post on a set day each week. It got me into a routine and it worked well.

MP3 of the Week on Monday
VC Cliche of the Week on Wednesday
Nuggets on Friday

That’s been the drill for the past couple years.

But it’s not working for me anymore. I feel compelled to post those thoughts at a set time and its turned into a chore. So I’ll still post mp3s to my blog, but not just on Monday mornings. I’ll do it whenever I am hit with the urge to do it. And I’ll blog cliches with the heading VC Cliche of the Week but they are going to come whenever I have the urge to post one. And I’ll do my Nuggets posts the same way – when I feel it.

It’s going to work a lot better and you aren’t going to have to read crappy forced posts like the one I put out on Wednesday morning.

I’d like to thank everyone who left a comment on the Jumping The Shark post. They were helpful in getting me to do this.

#VC & Technology