Congratulations Joe and The Rest of JotSpot

We run our business on JotSpot. It wasn’t a particularly conscious decision. When Brad and I started Union Square Ventures, I hacked together a little Microsoft Access database and we were using that to log all the deals that were coming in.

When we hired Charlie in early 2005, he took one look at that database and had an allergic reaction. So one day, he got a JotSpot account, and dumped all the database records from Access into a wiki.

Then we started doing other stuff on the wiki. Wikis are organic, they just grow and grow. We now use JotSpot to organize most aspects of our business that don’t involve a general ledger.

Sure there are things about JotSpot that could be better.  Searching and filtering are at the top of our wish list. So Google seems to be a particularly good home for JotSpot. For those who didn’t see the news, Google bought JotSpot this week.

Do I worry that all of our confidential information is now on Google owned and operated servers? Not really, but I am working on a long thought piece about that particular issue that I hope to get to this week.

Mostly I am happy for Joe Kraus and the team at JotSpot.  They built a great web app, put it out there, got people using it, built a business, and now they’ve gotten the payday they deserve. Well done JotSpot.

#VC & Technology