Google Bling

Google launched Google Widgets for the web yesterday. Gotta get some Google bling on my sidebars for sure!

So I’ve started with a FeedBurner widget (down at the bottom of the left sidebar).

It shows how my subs are trending and how much FeedBurner owes me (I’d rather know how much I’ve made month to date and year to date, but that wasn’t an option).

I have an even better widget coming that does something completely different but I need some help with it. I think you’ll like it when I get it up.

Google’s done a great job with their web widgets. They are easy to use and there are a ton of them.

I wonder if Google widgets might become a platform of sorts since they are so open. I’d like to get my sitemeter stats this way, my delicious popular this way, etc, etc.

Way to go Google.

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