How To Muzzle An Important Voice

Tom Friedman wrote an important opinion piece this morning.

I don’t see it on Memeorandum.

I don’t see it on Real Clear Politics.

I bet the reason is that sites that track the conversation don’t link to posts behind a fucking wall.

Now you might say, well if you want to read that post, you can subscribe to Times Select.

But we all know that the "look to book" ratio on the web is in the single digits, often below 2%.

So maybe one in fifty who click on that link will actualy read the post.

The NY Times has put a muzzle on Tom Friedman.

Arianna Huffington has a louder voice than Tom Friedman and is probably making a lot more money too.

No offense Arianna (to steal a phrase from my daughter Emily), but you are not Tom Friedman.

I beg the Times to take down the wall for all of their columnists for the next month so that their columnists can take place in the critical debate our country is having about the direction it wants to go in.