Is Anyone Else Pissed About This?

So the people at Microsoft have decided that they know better than me how I want my feed to look in their new browser.

Now I appreciate their effort to make a feed look decent in a browser. RSS has suffered mightily from the screen full of XML that many get when they click on a RSS link.

FeedBurner addressed that several years ago with their "browser friendly" feed presentation service. And Microsoft picked up on that idea and they present feeds nicely in Internet Explorer 7. Unfortunately they don’t recognize my style sheet and so (which is just my feed with some styling on it) looks like this in IE7.


This is how its supposed to look:


What’s worse is that Microsoft also strips off services that allow you to subscribe to the feed in various feed readers (another popular feature of FeedBurner’s browser friendly service). And, you guessed it, they only allow you to subscribe to the feed in IE7. I thought we were finally witnessing a nicer Microsoft. I guess not.

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