Is It Really Jealousy?

Kent Newsome’s post on the YouTube conversation that has been going on over the past couple days in response to Mark Cuban’s moronic posts on YouTube makes me think what’s really going on is jealousy plain and simple.

Kent says:

I think the absurd valuations that all of these bubble blowers are
trying to associate with YouTube depends in large part on its ability
to serve a lot of "pirated" content.


I think we
have to make a distinction between people who dislike YouTube in and of
itself and people, like me, who only dislike the wildly overinflated
valuations that the circus barkers yell at us from inside the
greater-fool tent.

YouTube would be a great site, community and service if it didn’t have one clip of pirated content.

But it does.  The ironic thing is that most of the content producers weren’t really complaining.

Until some dumbass started squawking about how many billions of dollars YouTube is worth.

Why not just sit back and let YouTube try to come up with some revenue streams and then ask them how much money they make?

I think that is exactly what Chad Hurley and his co-founders and his financial partners at Sequoia are going to do. None of them need to sell and I think they are all much more eager to figure all of this out the way Google did with search five years ago and reap the much bigger rewards that will come from doing that.

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