It's That Time Again (continued)

This isn’t a political post. I got that out of my system (for now anyway) yesterday.

I used the same title because this post is about using technology this political season to keep up to date on the key issues and races.

Many politics junkies know about Real Clear Politics. It’s the "go to site’ for the latest columns, opinion pieces, polls, and whatever else you need to get your political fix.

My friend Al Warms has been the publisher for the past year and he’s brought some great new technologies to the site. He outlines them in this post.

Real Clear Politics is an example of my Future of Media post in action.

1 – they’ve microchunked the content on the site. there are pages for each major race.
2 – they are syndicating the content. they are using FeedBurner to provide RSS and email alerts when each page changes.
3 – they are monetizing the site and the feeds and emails with ads.

If you want to track election news, polls, or a specific senate, house, or governor’s race, you can sign up for emails alerts here (note: you have to register first before you can go to the subscribe page).

They did all of this by converting to a blog platform. So the content is easily distributed via feeds. And because FeedBurner has a nice RSS to email service, they can offer email alerts for all their pages. Well done RCP.

#VC & Technology