Jim Cramer on GOOG/YouTube

Regular readers of this blog know that I first got hip to blogging by watching Jim Cramer spit out 20 posts a day from his trading desk back when I was an investor in and Chairman of TheStreet.com. I love Jim’s ability to say whatever he thinks and I try to do that on this blog.

So I had to smile when I saw Jim’s take on GOOG/YouTube:

So, I get this great call on my radio show about whether I’m concerned
that Google (GOOG) might pay $1.5 billion for YouTube. You bet I’m

I am concerned that someone else will come in and pay $2 billion. In
fact, I would like Google to pay $2 billion preemptively. I’d even be
willing to see the company pay $3 billion!

Say what you will about Jim, he calls them as he sees them!

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