My Bet With Scott (continued)

It took me about three months to build a community for this blog with over 500 members.

I thought Techcrunch would do it in about a day when they put their reader roll on their front page.

Scott thought that it would take three days.

Well it’s been a day and Techcrunch has almost caught up to me.

But a funny thing happened. I had about 450 members yesterday morning. I now have 510 members. I haven’t added 60 members in a single day since the day I put the reader roll on my blog.

One of two things is happening. My post on MyBlogLog yesterday got more people to sign up (certainly a part of it) or the people joining at Techcrunch and elsewhere in the past day are also joining my community.

If the latter is a significant part of why this happened, then it points to the fact that networks of networks are a powerful community building tool.

I am going to dig into this.

#VC & Technology