MySpace Is For Adults?

From a Comscore press release, titled More
than Half of MySpace Visitors are Now Age 35 or Older

comScore Media Metrix, a leader in digital media measurement, today released an analysis of the users of leading social networking sites, revealing that significant age differences exist between the user bases of these sites.  Visitors to and generally skew older, with people age 25 and older comprising 68 and 71 percent of their user bases, respectively.  Meanwhile, has a younger user profile, with 20 percent of its users in the 12-17 age range, about twice as high as that age segment’s representation within the total Internet audience.  Not surprisingly,, which began as a social networking site for college students, also draws a younger audience.  More than one-third (34 percent) of visitors to are 18-24 years old, approximately three times the representation of that age segment in the general Internet population.

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