Oh My Konokos

The best live record in years (certainly the best since Wilco’s Kicking Television) landed in my playlist last week and has barely left. Called Okonokos, it features My Morning Jacket over two nights at The Fillmore in San Francisco last year.

I’ve never seen My Morning Jacket live. Now I must. And they are playing Roseland on Nov 30th. Tickets are not on sale yet.

There are 21 tracks on the record and it’s got all my favorites like One Big Holiday, Lowdown, At Dawn, and Mahgeetah.

But the real action comes on songs like Off The Record, What A Wonderful Man, and Dancefloors.

My personal favorite is the 11+ minute version of Dondante. When I heard that the first time, I had to go back and play it a couple more times. I have not heard guitar playing like that on a live record since Neil Young’s Live Rust.

If you are a MMJ fan, you must get this record. Everyone else should too.

One Big Holiday (live) – My Morning Jacket – Okonokos

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