I ♥ Slingbox 
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I finally got around to setting up the Slingbox I got back in the spring when I met Blake at a conference and he talked me into getting one.

It hadn’t been a priority because we all use Macs in our family and there is no SlingPlayer for the Mac yet.

But the rumormill suggests that the Mac SlingPlayer is going to come out in beta any day now.

So I spent an hour or so today setting up the Slingbox in my family room entertainment cabinet.

It was relatively painless. I only had one ethernet jack in there and it was being used by the xbox 360 so I had to put in an ethernet switch. Now I’ve got 5 ethernet ports in my entertainment cabinet. I bet I’ll be using more of them soon.

The Slingbox does a nice job of controlling my DirecTV Tivo and the software installed fine on my old ThinkPad.

I’ll let you know what I think when I install the Mac Slingplayer. I think its going to be a hit with my kids.

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