Delicious Was Everywhere Last Night

Delicious was sold to Yahoo! almost one year ago now. The team has dispersed, some to Yahoo!, others to their own startups here in NYC, and some have moved on to new jobs.

But for some reason, last night was a delicious reunion. I bumped into Chris Fralic (VP Business Development) and Dan Kantor (developer and the creator of the playtagger) at the NextNY event at Columbia University.

And then I headed downtown for a bite with the Gotham Gal and then on to see Modest Mouse at Webster Hall where I bumped into Max (network operations and development) who was at the Modest Mouse show with a friend.

It was good too see the old gang who used to hang out downstairs from us on the 11th floor and do the Shake Shack and Jamba Juice trips with us.

Modest Mouse was awesome. Isaac Brock is a unique entertainer. Part punk, part country, part classic rock. And always high energy. They sounded good with Johnny Marr (The Smiths) on guitar. My favorite was a long and crazy version of Tiny Cities Made of Ashes. My videos of the show are up on YouTube. Here’s the new one I like so much called We Tried Everything.

#VC & Technology