Family Trip Planning

  Planning Our Trip To Italy 
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We are headed to Italy (Venice, Florence, Siena, Rome) in a month. The flights have been booked for months and so have the hotels. But the rest of the trip’s itinerary has yet to be filled in. We like to have our trip booked solid a good month before we leave.

So the Gotham Gal got everyone together yesterday afternoon and laid out poster boards on the dining room table. Each city got a poster board.

Then everyone got out their laptops, travel guides, articles torn out of travel and food magazines and newspapers from the past year and we went at it. I hit delicious, google blog search, and a number of other web services. Emily and Jessica wrote down all the recommendations on the poster boards. The Gotham Gal managed the process. Slowly but surely the itinerary is getting filled out.

I love doing it this way because when we actually do the trip, everyone will remember why we picked that particular shop, museum, art gallery, restaurant, or whatever it is we are visiting. It makes it that much more of a collaborative experience.

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