God Bless America

I was beginning to wonder if America had the ability to see. I don’t now. I stayed up until 2pm eastern last night just to make sure. The american public has seen what’s really going on and they have sent a message to washington.

Democrats + 27 (maybe more) in the House and take control
Democrats + 6 (I know VA is a recount) in the Senate and take control
Democrats +6 in statehouses and set the stage for 2008

But more importantly, we have a new kind of Democrat emerging. Jim Webb, former Secretary of the Navy. Claire McCaskill, tough pragmatic midwestern woman. Bob Casey and Joe Lieberman.

The Democrats are moving to the center, occupying the vacuum left by the disappearance of the moderate Republican.

For me the hero of this election is Claire McCaskill. We bet early and often on Claire and she delivered. The Republican party threw everything they had at Claire and she took it and gave it right back. Claire’s for balanced budgets, stem cell research, a choice for women, a realistic foriegn policy, and a host of other sensible things.

We are going to see more women in government and that’s a good thing. We are going to see a balanced government with congress in the hands of one party and the white house in the hands of another. And that’s a really good thing.

But the best thing is that america has woken up from it’s tilt right. We are back in centerville. Thank God.