Long TM

When Emily sat down with us and decided how to invest her bat mitzvah money (some to charity, some to t-bills, and some to stocks), she had two stocks she wanted to own, Apple Computer and Toyota Motor. Apple was obvious. She had watched Jessica make 5x on her money in two years and wanted to join that party. Toyota (TM) was less obvious. A car company?

Yes, but not just any car company. The car company that is eating Detroit’s lunch. The car company that has the best hybrid engine platform in the world. The car company that makes the Prius for people like me and the Scion for people like Emily.

We liked her choice and went for it. She bought Toyota at the end of the summer at just over $100/share.

Since then the stock is up >15% to its closing price of $117/share. Emily’s off to a good start.

So back at the start of the month, when I read Bob Lefsetz’ post on Scion and why their marketing is so brilliant, I took it home for Emily to read. She liked it.

And then I sent it on to Wallstrip. Lindsay liked it so much she turned it into a show. Check it out: