Mashing Up Rhapsody

I love Rhapsody. On my laptop. On my Sonos. I love the idea of paying $9.99 per month to be able to listen to almost anything I want whenever I want.

I’ve been vocal enough about my love for Rhapsody that I was asked by them to be a judge in their web services contest which I blogged about back in July.

This weekend I reviewed all the finalists and submitted my votes. Rhapsody is going to annouce the winners this coming week.

There are number of really cool mashups. The ones I liked best were the Rhapsody scrobbler for (which I can’t use because it’s Windows only), this great Pitchfork/Rhapsody mashup (which I wish was done as a firefox extension so you could use it while reading Pitchfork), and my favorite, this cool Google Gadget which lets you type in any lyric, song, or artist and get a results page that connects right to Rhapsody and other services for your listening/viewing pleasure.

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