I received 24 friend requests in the past day since I wrote my pandora vs post yesterday. Thanks everyone. just got a lot better for me.

But interestingly, only one of those 24 friend requests made it through my spam filter into my email inbox. Spam filters continue to get away with huge false positive rates on things like site messaging alerts (, facebook, myspace, etc) and verification emails for new services. More work needs to be done around these issues.

I’ve also begun to play around with’s event recommendation service. It seems like they’ve basically built the same functionality that has. But I can’t find any badges/widgets for the shows I am going to. If you know of them, I’d love to put them up on my sidebar.

The big thing is missing is being able to listen to any artist right from I got a recommendation in to listen to a band called The Whigs. But I couldn’t play their record. I wish would integrate the leading streaming services like Rhapsody, Yahoo Music, and Napster into And eMusic to buy the mp3. And something like the HypeMachine to integrate music blogs.

But regardless of what the service needs, is really close to perfection when it comes to music discovery.

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