I am not entirely sure how I found this disc, called Discovered Uncovered. It might have been Hype Machine. It might have been Rhapsody. It might have been Or something else. But I can’t understand why I have never heard of Daniel Johnston before. He is a singer songwriter with some mental health issues who writes really great songs that are real and raw.

This record is a two disc record with the first disc featuring covers of his songs from the likes of Clem Snide, The Eels, Beck, The Flaming Lips, M Ward, Tom Waits, and many more. With fans like that, you know that Daniel Johnston is someone to pay attention to.

But the more I listen to the record, the more I like the second disc which are the original tracks. They are so raw that I’d have to say there is no production whatsoever on them. It’s like they were recorded on a boom box or something.

Here’s Daniel’s original version of Devil Town followed by Bright Eyes’ cover. Cool song, great artist.

Devil Town – Daniel Johnston

Devil Town – Bright Eyes

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