Partying Like Its 1999

Numair starts off this interesting post on Sean Parker with the following line:

First, let us settle the matter once and for all – the unthinkable has
happened, and we are in the midst of a second dotcom boom.

But as Howard points out in this post:

This market is so NOT 1999.

I think both statements are true. We are in the midst of a second dotcom boom. But it hasn’t entered the consciousness of the "man on the street".

But it sure has entered the consciousness of many entrepreneurs. They can’t think about anything else but starting companies and making a killing.

And it certainly has entered the consciousness of media executives who are falling all over each other trying to throw money at high flying startups before their competitors do.

And the latest fad is raising wads of cash to roll up internet media properties. I know of at least five groups that are doing it right now.

Watching this whole thing is making me grumpy.

I need to take a day off and spend it in the real world, like Lindsay did in today’s Wallstrip.

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