In my engagement post last week I threw out screenshotting as one measure of engagement. It’s not a form of interaction that people talk much about (linking, commenting, tagging, are more popular) but I find myself using the Grab utility so much these days. I saw that Grandma thing and just had to screenshot it.

As more and more interesting stuff happens on the web, people are going to want to capture it and talk about it. Just as we do with photography and video in the real world.

Apple has had Grab in its operating system for years. I used a windows machine for something like 25 years and never found anything like it in that operating system. Maybe they fixed that with Vista. Who knows because I don’t use Windows anymore.

But there is one thing I wish Apple would fix about Grab. It needs to be able to save in a format other than TIFF. How about making JPG the default? That would make it easier to grab and blog the web, something that is going to be more important over time.

UPDATE: Loren pointed me to SnapNDrag. It works great. Thanks Loren.

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