Song Of The Day

I got an advance copy of the new Bloc Party record, called Weekend In The City.

I loved their first album so much that this one is bound to be a disappointment.

But I’ve already found one song, called Waiting For The 7.18, that I really like.

[song removed at the request of the band]

I am writing you on behalf VICE Records, Atlantic Records, the Warner
Music Group, Wichita Records, Bloc Party and their management and
authorized to act on behalf of the owner of exclusive new music from
Bloc Party that is currently illegally being offered on A VC.  The
illegal material is currently here:
song_of_the_day.html and must be removed immediately.  Please contact
me with any additional questions and notification of the removal
would be appreciated.

I know you’ve been supportive of our bands in the past, but this song
is not meant to be offered to the public at this time.

#My Music